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Know the Law
Historical Time Line
Know the Law


Formation of the Temp Work Task Force (TWTF), an organization of temp workers, labor attorneys, union leaders, and career counselors.  The TWTF is staffed and supported by the Bergen Employment Action Project of the United Labor Agency, AFL-CIO. 

Published Principles of Fair Conduct, which was distributed to temp agencies.   Principles of Fair Conduct was based on a survey of temporary workers and conversations with local industry representatives.


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Published volume one of the Consumers Guide to Best-Practices Temp Agencies with eight participating temp agencies.  A press conference was held to promote the guide.  The guide attracts local and national media.

TWTF creates a sister organization, the Temporary Workers Alliance, a monthly gathering of temp workers throughout New Jersey and New York City.

The Temp Testing Project was launched.  Temp workers would register with area temp agencies and "test" their services.

Toward the final months of 1997, volume two of the Consumers Guide to Best-Practices Temp Agencies was published, this time with 12 participating temp agencies.  A Know Your Rights section was added, informing temps of their legal rights in New Jersey.


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The Consumers Guide to Best-Practices Temp Agencies makes its debut on the world wide web on January 3, 1998. would later reward the Consumers Guide web site as the most helpful and informative site for temp workers.

Published volume three of the Consumers Guide to Best-Practices Temp Agencies.  Volume three expanded to cover central New Jersey, therefore bringing in a total of 29 participating temp agencies.

10,000 copies of volume three of the Consumers Guide to Best-Practices Temp Agencies goes into circulation through libraries, college career centers, non-profit organizations, and state employment service offices.

TWTF and the Temp Workers Alliance begin discussions with alternative temporary staffing trade associations.

Temp Workers Alliance named to the National Skills Standard Board Cluster on Business Administrative Services.

A TWTF representative served as a panelist in the Contigent Work -- Promise or Peril? conference, televised live to over 300 employers.

Published volume four of the Consumers Guide to Best-Practices Temp Agencies.  Volume four includes all 29 former temp agency participants.  Several new sections were added, including a section addressing client firms on legal, ethical, and productive use of temp workers.


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Published volume five of the Consumers Guide to Best-Practices Temp Agencies, a supplemental edition to volume four. Volume five expands to include 32 participating best-practices temp agencies.

Temp Workers Alliance attends various job fairs to distribute the Consumers Guide to Best-Practices Temp Agencies.   Temp workers attending these job fairs complete the Share Your Temp Experiences portion of the guide. 

Secured commitment from the Employers Assocation of New Jersey to co-author a guide on proper temp use for client firms.

Assisted "mystery shopper" entrepreneurs to develop temp agency evaluation services to market to client firms.

TWTF convened working group of economists to study corporate motivations for using contingent workers, and their results.

TWTF and the Temp Workers Allliance attend the Campaign for Contingent Work national conference in Boston.


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Temp Work Task Force Board Members

Rev. Paul Chapman, The Employment Project

Lois Cuccinello, Passaic County freeholder

Denise DiMicelli, career counselor

Teri Duda, Berkeley College

Thelma Fedele, Center for Food Action

Jose Garcia, National Council on the Aging

Bernie Gerard, AFL-CIO

Dr. George Gonos, State University of New York - Pottsdam

Neal Gorfinkle, SEIU Local 1115

Dolores Gorczyca, IFPTE / AFL-CIO

Sara Horowitz, Working Today

Gerald Kirschbaum, attorney


Marlena Lechner, Job Search Network

Francine Moccio, Cornell University Institute on Women and Work

Kate Pandolpho, Women's Rights Information Center

Barrie Peterson, Bergen Employment Action Project / Seton Hall University Institute on Work

Eileen Quaglino, Ramapo College

Renee Steinhagen, Public Interest Law Center of New Jersey

Ira Stern, UNITE / AFL-CIO

Connie Todd, Georgian Court College