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Share Your Temp Experiences


If you cannot attend one of our monthly temp worker gatherings, we would especially like to hear from you.  This helps everyone by noting paterns and identifying both growing opportunities and concerns.

The Temporary Work Task Force Monitoring Committee is available to assist you.  The committee is composed of a temp worker, a pro-bono labor attorney, a career counselor, and a listed temp agency manager.  If you have a concern or problem and wish them to contact you in confidence, please e-mail us.

Temp Agency & Town Located

Approximate time frame with this agency

Describe the Application Process

Staff Qualities & Responsiveness

Type of Tests Given/Training Offered

Amount of Time Until Placement in a Temp Assignment

Duration of Temp Assignment(s)

Type of Work Assigned /Job Title.  Was it typical of available assignments?

Name and industry/specialty of client firms

Salary per Hour, Promised/Given

Benefits (Promised/Given)

Was temp agency responsive if questions arose or if you sought permanent, benefited employment?

Positive Comments

Negative Comments

Name & Phone Number (optional) / E-mail Address

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