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Other Sources of Information
Outlet for this Guide


Other Sources of Information

Better Business Bureau
Will share information on complaints received and disposition of temp agencies
Publish free 15-page guide, Tips on Employment Services
Phone:  (609) 588-0808  [10 am to 4 pm, Monday through Friday]
Phone:  (973) 581-1313  [10 am to 4 pm, Monday through Friday]

Federal Trade Commission
Project Deter combats employment frauds
150 William St., 13th Floor, New York, NY  10038
Phone:  (212) 264-8290

NJ Department of Consumer Affairs
Registers temp agencies and receives complaints from temp workers.  General info:  (201) 504-6301
Bergen County:  (201) 646-2650, Essex County:  (973) 678-8071, Hudson County:  (201) 795-6295
Mercer County:  (609) 989-6671, Morris County:  (973) 504-6200, Passaic County:  (201) 881-4547
Somerset County:  (908) 231-7000 ext. 4700

NJ Department of Labor
Wage/Hour Office aids with disputes over pay and hours.
Phone:  (609) 292-7860

NJ Division of Civil Rights
Works in cooperation with the US Equal Opportunity Commission
Hears and acts on complaints of job discrimination
Phone:  (973) 977-4500 or (973) 645-6383

NJ Association of Temorary Services
Trade association consisting of more than 65 temp agencies
Phone:  (201) 887-4889

NJ Association of Staffing Professionals
Trade association with more than 250 personnel and temp agencies as members
Phone:  (609) 393-5767

United Labor Agency
Publishes Job Hunters Resource Guide, listing 100+ job search groups
In the New Jersey/New York City metro area, call (201) 489-7476

National Association of Part Time & Temporary Employees
Phone:  (913) 962-7740

Red Guide to Temp Agencies
Over 100+ reports on New York City temp agencies
Phone:  (718) 246-2285

Temp 24-7
Leading online tempzine since January 1998 written & executed by former temps

Temp Slave
Temp Slave is a special-interest magazine written by Jeff Kelly
For a current issue send $3 to PO Box 8284, Madison, WI 53708-8284

Working Today
Advocates for temps and the self-employed
Offers group rate health insurance


Outlet For This Guide
Workforce (NJ offices) Career Counselors
U.I., JTPA, ONe Stop, E.S. Churches, Synagogues, Mosques
Library Reference Desks Outplacement Firms
Job Search Support Groups Training Schools
I&R Plus Hotline Services College Career Centers
Community/Public Social Service Agencies Psychologists and Social Workers
Probation Departments Hospital Social Service/Disability Agencies