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  Ethics for Temporary WorkersEthics for Temporary WorkersEthics for Temporary Workers         Ethics for Temporary Workers


Understand the potential assignment length before committing to it.  Bring up and discuss any schedule conflicts.
Once commitment has been made to start an assignment, a minimum of 2 working days notice must be given if you cannot start the assignment.
Give 1 week notice if the position becomes permanent or you accept another job offer.
Never walk off the assignment without talking to your assignment manager at your temp agency.


On the first day of your assignment, arrive approximately 15 minutes before your scheduled time to start.  Dress professionally.


Be positive always -- remember that attitude is 50% of a great assignment.  You are representing yourself as well as the agency.


Your temp agency's assignment manager, not the client firm, must be contacted by 8 AM regarding any illnesses, lateness, or car problems that will prevent you from being at work on time.


Do not use client firm's phones for personal use -- limit phone calls to emergencies.  Being extra cautious using client firm's e-mail and internet services, since many companies place strict limitations on such usage.


If you have completed your tasks, offer to assist others in your assigned department.  Be flexible -- you are on assignment to assist the clientIf the assignment is over, call the temp agency the next day as required by unemployment insurance regulations to maintain your rights.


Employment interviews for full-time, permanent job positions should be scheduled in the early morning or late afternoon -- not in the middle of the day unless during a lunch period.  Temp agency and client firm must be notified one day in advance of the interview date.


You must provide information on hours worked promptly as requested.


You must contact the temp agency immediately if your job functions change or if you are asked to report to a different department or manager from the one you were originally assigned.


When available, you should come into the temp agency and update your computer skills on their software training system.


It is improper to leave an assignment prematurely for a pay increase offered by another temp agency on the same or different temp assignment.   This is disruptive to the client firm and to the assignment.